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Dated: 16.5.17

Guerrilla street sign project to improve city walk-a-bility

Walk your city street signs

More people live in cities now than ever before. What makes a place more or less walkable is determined by the choices you have to walk somewhere useful as part of your everyday routine. Walk-a-bility is becoming a major factor in how both citizens and cities are shaping our future communities.

In 1960, 1:4 citizens took one useful 10 minute walk each day. Now that number is 1:10. A US designer named Matt Tomasulo has created a website called Walk Your City, which aims to reverse this trend by letting anyone erect a street sign to a local business, attraction or communinity hub.

One of the greatest obstacles to pedestrian friendly communities is actually public perception, and the visibility of walking as an alternative means of transportation. Through Walk Your City, the organisers would like to kickstart the conversation and help anyone make street signs to share how many minutes by foot it is to navigate their block, neighborhood or city.

The street signs are created using an online tool. You select the location of the sign and its destination, and then type in some text for where it's pointing to. The time necessary to walk (or bike) the route is generated automatically, and a QR code can be scanned to display the directions in Google Maps on smart phones.

You're in good company:

London 2012 Olympics

The signs for our development were received yesterday. Thank you for the quick turnaround.

Geraldine Jordan, Heron & Brearley - - 16 May 12